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  1. Andrew site is looking good. Just one key element is missing, button at the bottom of the home page to click back through old posts? if it the there I can't kind it.
  2. Is that kids, selling drugs in the final shot. ! Police ?
  3. Great to hear Clooney speak up about this topic, I don't think Daniel Loeb will be the first or last Stakeholder to try monopolize the market.  I think it's apparent with the amount of crap films out over the last few years, that the powers have already got their way a little.  Wouldn't it be great to be able to walk into the cinema for the first time to see a film like "The big Lebowski"  or "Alien..
  4. I'm not the worlds most technical person but I followed the instructions for installing Unified 88 and I getting an average bit rate of 18 - 22 at HBR and its the same at 24p.  Just for the hell of it I did a little more research and when you install the patch with ptools my understand is you literally have to tick the box in the drop down menu "  patched for end users" to select high bit rate!. this was not explained in this link instructions http://www.eoshd.com/gh2-patch-vault  call me stupid but if you dont select any options when you install the patch you dont make any changes.
  5. here's two better examples same settings [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QY6BBavq-ws#ws]00028[/url]  movie mode [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XsY0YUUGt2Q#ws]00027[/url] manual mode
  6. Guys problem isn't fixed [url=http://youtu.be/KY1OVEo6HHo]http://youtu.be/KY1OVEo6HHo[/url] shot in manul mode, iso160, f5.6 shutter speed 50, HBR 1080i 25. [url=http://youtu.be/v1DLYpif3R8]http://youtu.be/v1DLYpif3R8[/url]  shot in manuel movie mode, iso160, f5.6 shutter speed 50, HBR 1080i 25. At you can see the second video is jerky ? when you shot in manual mode it does adjust the setting on the display its only apparent when you take a photo. Any ideas why the the footage is jerky in  movie mode ?
  7. changed shutter speed to 50 and capture at 25 fps seems to fix the problem. Double the frame rate rule.  still not sure why the jerkiness is not visible on manual mode.   
  8. Having the same problem with transcend class 6, dont like transcend waiting for new sandisk to arrive.
  9. Guys just got my gh2 "hacked" and all. Problem: when I record in movie mode the image is jittery, I have to move the camera really slowly so you dont see the jitter "now rolling shutter". Now when I press record in Manuel mode this jitter goes away but in manuel mode when you change the iso/shutter speed/f-stop this does not change the setting in the recording or on the display!!! Am I doing something obviously wrong ?  looks ugly and I would get it on my 5d ?? tips must be something obvious. I using vanilla, High bit rate, 1080i, iso 250, fstop 50 + plus
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