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  1. What a shame I've had my 5D3 for 2years and I still have no idea what color space it uses for h.264. Is it rec.709 with 2.2 gamma or 2.4? I would appreciate any info on this. Thank you so much!!
  2. That looks awesome Andrew !!! I am so glad you are going to do a side by side comparison. When you do your AA VS NoAA test, please tell us how it changes on the still photography side as well. More details? more dynamic range? etc...  I can't wait. :) Thanks again Andrew.
  3. You summed it up great. "We don’t want 4K we just want decent 1080p at a reasonable price on a full frame camera! " But after watching Canon lately that is not going to happen. So one day 1Dx or 5DIII with Magic Lantern will be just that. May be Magic Lantern guys should sell their hacks if that means faster "development"  ;)
  4. Awesome! with more and more people doing. It's very encouraging.
  5. I thought we all knew it wasn't the AA filter that makes the 5d3 footage soft. It's the "Precise Canon Engineering" that makes it soft. It's so obvious they made it blurry just right amount. So somebody needs to hack it from the image processing side not messing with the AA filter. Or just use other options available right now and save your time/money/effort. Me as a Canon user this is rather sad of course.
  6. FS100 to FS700 such a big jump in numbers. May be they are going to differentiate it like their SLR range ?  ;) FS100 FS300 FS500 FS700 FS900 just kidding of course.
  7. Sounds like C@non is paying GXXXXXX No matter how "well" we apply it, sharpening looks ugly.
  8. So is it possible to use 24P 25P 30P frame rates via uncompressed HDMI output ? Can anybody confirm ?
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