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  1. Great job! Andrew, did you shoot all the cameras at 30p? If not, can you share what you used to conform the em-1's footage to the other cameras?
  2. For a lot of us the cost of BMD not only includes the wide lens and power solution, but a whole new computer workstation. My Mac isnt that old, but it's old enough that it doesn't have Thunderbolt. Sure you have an option of what mode to shoot in, but only if you have a computer capable of processing the RAW files, otherwise you have a ProRes cam. So add up those items, and I'm left asking myself, am I better off with the BMD and everything I need to make it work or am I better off spending the same money on a FS700? And while the BMD camera appears to have excellent resolution, so do my
  3. tvpglabs

    NEW GH2 Handle

    Cool! I think you should post some pics of the camera in hand to show how the fingers fall against the controls of the camera with your new handle attached.
  4. Plus Rewo isn't making their GH2 cage anymore, so good luck getting one.
  5. [quote name='kirk' timestamp='1343366343' post='14595'] Both rigs miss a HDMI cable clamp and are bulky beyond belief. Why so much air around the camera? ReWo has made a snug cage (and clamp), which surely must protect the camera much better, and be less of a transportation problem :) [/quote] As I said in my initial post, there were compromises, but it's obvious that you didn't read that post, or haven't owned a Rewo cage. I have a Rewo cage, which is very capable, but it doesn't allow the camera to be easily removed from the cage, and tends to get
  6. Interesting rig, but it doesn't look right for my needs. I don't see where it attaches to the hot shoe to prevent camera rocking. It uses a manfrotto 501 type system instead of the Arca Swiss system that prevents camera rotation on the GH2 when using a follow focus. The back of the cage looks like it would get in the way of operator having access to the controls on the back of the GH2 (maybe not), and the height of the camera off the rails doesn't appear to be industry standard to be compatible with matte boxes. Other than that, cool concept. Are the rosettes Arri standard?
  7. I had this cage made for me by Berkey System. It uses mostly off the shelf parts except for the custom top plate and a modified baseplate that allows for the use of a Arca Swiss styled mounting system for the camera. The main drive behind this was that I wanted a cage that would allow me to easily remove the camera and use my GH2 for Photography work as well as videography work, or so that I could use the bare camera in a more discreet way if need be. To accomplish all of that, there were some compromises, but overall I'm happy with it because it checks the following boxes: [list] [
  8. Looks pretty good, they'll have to bring the breathing down to zero before I open my wallet.
  9. And we're going to have to wait till September for a response from Panasonic?  Anyone else nervous it's going to be too little too late?
  10. Axel, that looks awesome!  Whats the chance of a guide on how you put it together, specifically mounting the arca swiss plate to the rod?
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