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  1. WOW. I'm shocked at this. It's a complete and total dealbreaker, and it hasn't even been widely discussed. I'm returning the camera because of it. What utter BS. It's amazing how engineers and other left-brain geniuses can design such amazing tech and simultaneously be so idiotic when it comes to basic user interface issues. All it would take is a modest investment to hire a small team of creatives to beta-test and avoid this kind of crap. I was really looking forward to using my A7rii as a B cam. For the work I do, this thing is a paperweight.
  2. Double the price? Hardly. Fs7+ extension unit + odyssey 7q+ = 14,000
  3. Good points. Thanks for the input! Different applications call for different tools, that's for sure.
  4. I know this line of thought is going to sound dumb and woefully redundant (and maybe provocative) but after all I've read (and invested), I'm still struggling to see the overall advantages to shooting a 5D3 raw over a C100 in a production environment (specifically: regional commercial retail and fashion). What am I missing? Is it the full frame sensor? A cost savings of a couple grand? The way I see it, $6-$8K for a camera is NOTHING for a business or even an independent contractor. Then again, I don't want to waste money if the hacked 5D3 can do the heavy lifting in a production environme
  5. Still wondering about that price point. $2K difference between what EOSHD is quoting and elsewhere. ANYBODY? HELLO?
  6. ANDREW, where did you get the $8K price from? I don't see it quoted at $8K range anywhere but here. Naturally I want to believe you and not the other sites quoting it at 9 or 10K. Not a huge deal to me with these outlandish specs. Just curious about your source....
  7. [quote author=Johnnie link=topic=354.msg2192#msg2192 date=1330818464] May I correct and say that in audio, edge goes to Canon and not to Nikon. The D800 does not allow audio adjusting after pressing the rec button. Canon does! Thanks. Johnnie [/quote] OK. How about audio QUALITY? Funny how it never comes up in most forums. (Unless it's a q&a on how you can get pro audio with a toy zoom and a toy videomic for under $200 when in reality you can BARELY get into a pro audio kit with REAL equipment for $3K.) DSLR pre-amps are crap. The recording quality is crap. No XLR inp
  8. [quote author=Germy1979 link=topic=354.msg2206#msg2206 date=1330875370] [quote author=Germy1979 link=topic=354.msg2205#msg2205 date=1330874853] ... We still have yet to see a 4k DSLR...  The sad thing is, it will probably be as much, if not more than the 1DX $ wise..." Dude, If Canon unleashes a 4K DSLR for $7000 I will do cartwheels, as will most video producers. A functional Red Scarlet X fetches $16K. The only Q for many of us would be inclusion of a professional audio setup (XLR inputs, quality pre-amps, etc.) More likely it will cost around $12K--still good enough to kic
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