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  1. lol... canons problems are located in the blind and cynical top level management not in development. I don't think these glasses will give those guys their vision back.
  2. Hi Andrew, Thanks for your analytical und unbiased blog! I’m getting a lot out of it. I was happy to bring my Camera along to get this test done. Too bad the hack did not deliver the results we hoped for. Dominique
  3. What is so darn difficult about a small stealthy dual use stills/ video cam with true 1080P, 4:2:2 and no digital artefacts? I don't expect that much given the fact the technology is there. I saved 13 thousand Euro for a full package with lenses and waited a very long and painful one and a half year for the Mark 3 to come out finally. Now they crippled that thing only to present a 15K cam which is basically only a video fixed 1DX (and a big brick). And I still can't buy what I want. I don't need 4K, a red dot and Hollywood Celebrity diners! Just give me my small cam - something like NEX7 with the video quality of FS-100
  4. "Will the message get through to the suits in head office?" It's my impression the suits are somewhat out of touch with reality (given the recent price tags - also on updated lenses like the 24-70 II). The only language these people understand is a drop of sales. If possible we should not reward Canon for the unethical crippling of products by throwing our money at them. We as film makers don't cripple our films intentionally. WE always give our best (even when the payment might be low)! And that is what companies should do. They should have pride in their work and not behave like sneaky conmen tricking us the squeeze the last buck out of us.
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