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  1. It would have been fantastic if Nikon had decided to make a real video camera out of the the V3, let's be honest, they have nothing to lose.

    They could have kept the v2 sensor and made it a 4K RAW/`Prores, BMPCC killer, had they wanted.
    Nice design though. 

  2. It is all to do with old notions of maximising profits.

    Why Japanese manufacturers still make different cameras for NTSC / PAL markets?

    And why are they so stingy to pay the €5 European Camcorder tax? ( for cameras that record longer than 30 minutes.)

    It is so silly. As Steve Jobs said (and Kodak proved him right )

    If you don't cannibalise your sales, someone else will.

  3. Oh yes, serious Photojournalists will enjoy the capacity to do video -as well- as stills if the quality is "good enough", by if the Leica M turns out to be a video beast, them many more people will flock to it.

    >>As impressive as the video might potentially be on the Leica M, I'm not sure what person would plunk down €6200 specifically to shoot video with it.
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