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  1. Yeah but I'm not comparing them. I'm comparing the complaints. If company X sells a $20,000+ camera described as "4K" when it's upscaled and nobody complains, then company Y sells a $900 camera described as "4K" when it's actually upscaled and everyone complains, that's telling of a double standard. Yes, I realise other manufacturers offer full-readout 4K off APS-C sensors for similar $900-ish prices, but people find something to complain about those cameras too anyway. We haven't even tested the camera yet.
  2. I'd just like to point out that I don't often read people complaining that ARRI uses upscaled 2.8K instead of true 4K (at least up until recently)...
  3. At the "Canon Announcement" (really just the rep doing a slideshow) at the store I work for, he said about 585 MB per Minute of video in ALL-I, which would equate to about 78Mbps bitrate...
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