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  1. Hi everyone! First post here. I've been a hacked GH2 user and i'm pretty happy with the extreme quaility overall; i think it's truly impressive for a 800$ camera. Sadly i found it more and more useless everyday for my purposes due to it's poor Dynamic Range as i need true "gradable" footage but still in love with GH2 output quality. I'm thinking now to switch to this 5Dmk II ME filter option. Question is: Andrew, do you think is a good choice switching in terms to match GH2 quality with this filter? Cinestyle profile and fullframe sensor are seriously make me think of it... Thanks a lot! Ps. if only GH2 hack would have a ML-like two ISO streams for HDR...  :( EDIT: Does anybody know if this ML-like HDR 2 streams is planned or even doable for GH2 hack BTW??
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