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  1. That would be ideal, but it's not the interest of the manufactures COO's and finance. But pushing the "trend" or "gimmick" helps the engineers make an excuse for need of developing other parts of the camera. i know many of the members on these sites are enthusiasts or semi-pros, artists and that's a wonderful thing when you are allowed all those logical choices in camera and lenses creatively. in the commercial world, the client says "i wanna shoot on a red", "i want it in epic 5k so we can crop both V and H for 1080p", "let's shoot on a phantom". We've lost bids on jobs that we would have been able to complete with a "lesser" (for lack of a better word) camera equipment because they were so married to "4k", "RED", "phantom". And being well equipped as possible leaves less room for both US and the CLIENT to make excuses on their decisions. Remember you can always have 4K available but decide to shoot in 2k is you want. For web only videos and internet ads, many times we're still asked to deliver H264's in 720p. 4K is resolution, and clarity but at the same time it is a catalyst for innovation.
  2. It's really not about the 4K that's important. it's the new processors and technological improvements that will be innovated to support 4K will bring superior image quality. And having good equipment forces your to create better content. It doesn't allow you to make excuses because of your equipment.
  3. agreed. id get rid of the gh2 if i was going for a G6. i really havent done much serious work on my gh2. just was wondering if it was worth for me to keep both the gh2 and 5dmkiii at this point. getting rid of the mkiii and my canon lenses is not an option as i use it a lot more frequently on photographic jobs.
  4. hey andy, so you are saying the G6 is more superb then a hacked gh2?
  5. Hi everybody,   To sell or not to sell? that is s the question.   i've noticed the drastic decline (or you can say almost now non-existing) love for GH2 on EOSHD the past year. It seems that Andrew really is no longer talking about it either. I have been shooting on GH2 for my personal work, and small jobs which has become a lot less lately due to my schedule.   I do own a 5d mkiii but it's original purpose has been for photography and the CF card prices and hassle of post production hasn't justified for me to start shooting in the format despite its low costs.   At my workplace or higher budget projects we have several RED Epics i have access to but it's not a camera you can always carry around with you.   Now the question is:   -GH2 Hack vs GH3. I see a lot of people raving about the GH3 but is it better than a hacked GH2?   -since i own several MFT lenses, should i goto a BMCC?   -or sell the entire GH2 and MFT system and get everything to get the 5DMKIII running RAW   Thanks ahead
  6. f*ck it! his other books are great im gonna buy it!
  7. question andrew. i've been shooting on GH2 since my purchase of the guide for personal and low budget projects and using an Epic rentals on commissioned ads. i work RAW occasionally but i do not mind shooting mpegs if they're shot properly. i'd love the extra dynamic range but reliability is a good key for me on jobs. i'd love to own both systems but if i had to chose either my gh2 or sell it with all its lens to go MKIII, which do you pick? this greatly determines my purchase of the guide. Thank You
  8. i have been looking at the GF2 as am alternate pocket camera for a while. I have been also looking at the Olympus Mini Pen, and i never hear it discussed here. I read that its photo quality is better, and i would think the Image Stabilization will be helpful for video no?
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