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  1. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Pentax-50mm-f2-PK-Pentax-M-Bayonet-mount-Lens-Pentax-K-/380424594592?pt=Camera_Lenses&hash=item589312a4a0   if this is it - it's $45
  2. Going: [list] [*] gf3 ($165 on eBay) [*]14-42mm panny - useable zoom 30-42 - $85 eBay [*]century 16:9 37mm adapter [*].5 diopter [*]step down ring [/list] Waiting patiently on the gf3 hack - 14-42 is so cheap, the OIS and minimal but useable zoom and touch pull focus made it a judgement call I may revisit...
  3. GF3 should be hacked soon... What I'm looking for is a travel anamorphic setup - seems all the generic anamorphic adapters have disappeared - anyone want to aid in my search?
  4. Looking to do some street documentaries in anamorphic on a gf2 - anyone know of a streetable setup? SOmething that doesn't require support and is small enough for tabletop tripoding - wondering if the generic 1.33x or 1.5x with the 20mm pancake is the way to go (or something to mount on the end of the 14-42mm to use the OIS) but helpful ideas/links/pictures would be greatly appreciated... Looking to build a bit of a GF2 Anamorphic Hack guide here - a where to buy so I can point the HERO converts I'm making to go from ghetto HD to anamorphic cine...
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