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  1. I see there is a version of cineform premium for Mac Will it work to convert 5D raw to cineform raw? As some said it would be nice to have some cineform raw file to test
  2. Now it can do larger than 2gb i wonder if they could make cinema dng ones...
  3. T 0.95???  i think this is imposible!! T 1    would mean there is absolutetly no loose of light.. and it is an utopic value
  4. Hi Andrew Thanks for your blog. I´m a big fan. I have a stupid question. ;) Do i have to install 1.1 before hacking? I live in PAL land and would love to use your 25p 88Mbit Intra settings if they are stable could you share them with me Thanks a lot Fulgencio Martinez - AEC
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