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    hack problem

    hi. i have a read error when i try to shoot with unified patch. what its starnge is that i only happens when i shoot mountains with lots of trees... if i shoot close ups doesnt happen. some one help?? [img]http://www.eoshd.com/Users/pedrovaldoleiros/Desktop/IMG_1254.JPG[/img]
  2. hello. i am recording 25p with my gh2 with the new patch unified. after some soots i keep receiving the following information: motion recording was stopped due to lack of speed in the sd card my card is class 10 hd video san disk. after it block al camera buttons , even the power off !! i have to take the battery out to be able to start to shoot again. some one help me?? thank you
  3. hello. i am just starting to shoot anamorphic today... i have bought the anamorphic guide but still i need a bit of help. do someone know how to proceed in final cut 7 after shooting anamorphic in mpeg 4/3 manual mode using the unified patch? do i need to distort the image?? i tried -100 but it doenst work... please help...
  4. hello. hope all is going good. so , i have installed the unified patch and when i try to shoot anamorphic in manual mode ( vga and mpeg ) i cant  play the video in the gh2. also final cut X doesnt even recognized the gh2 . iphoto import the footage. can you help me??
  5. hello. i have followed the instructions for hacking. when i try to copy the file to the sd card in the camera it doenst let me . the card is read only?? i am on a macbookpro. sandisk class 10 hd video 32 giga can someone help me?
  6. hello. can you please let me know what is the adapter you are using. amazing video! thank you so much! pedro valdjiu ( portugal )
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