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  1. After seeing this,https://vimeo.com/62959319, and with these new specs, seriously thinking of switching from Nikon to BCC for video. Someone educate me, would I be able to use my Nikkor lenes?
  2. [attachment=462:cart.jpg] Soon I will post on Vimeo bunch of stuff I have made over the winter to add to my tool palette. It's nice to have various pieces of equipment available to accommodate different types of shots required for your project. One is a traditional camera dolly, main camera stem, narrow wheel base, seat for camera operator,to be manually pushed. Another is a steadycam rickshaw which I stumbled across a BTS video from" SOPHIE ", have never seen one before so I'm making one. Camera operator can have a steadycam, shoulder rig and I will add a post to attach a mini jib. I have also converted an old bagboy golf cart that I picked up in a second hand shop for 5 bucks. It's all metal so I used a kee clamp system with 3/4 alm pipe. The camera can hover anywhere from ground level to above waist height and can do dollies, pans and follow shots, folds up and goes in your car. If your on your own, a great thing to have. Here is a quick shot, above the camera I have a Ninja2, need a longer HDMI cable so I can move it closer to me.
  3. My Opinion,      This video is not an accident. It was planned and staged, promoting 2 products, Canon 1Dc and the MOVI.There is an expression,"Your the master of your tools". In this case, I think the Movi took precedent , the shots, the story are weak(to me). I was more blown away in a previous post showing a video shot in Paris with a Black Magic camera.(simply stunning)Put this unit in different hands, you'll get a different results.I still think this is a good product, would like to have one, way, way over priced. Be patient, won't be long before there are similar units on the market priced accordingly.
  4. I wouldn't call it a publicity stunt, it's advertising. There is nothing wrong with advertising, that's what I do for a living. The only difference with Vincent's Video is that it comes wrapped as an editorial which may be confusing to some.
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZHDi_AnqwN4 Another masterpiece. All the shots used in this trailer have no camera movement.
  6. Living in Canada I will end up with a snow owl, which is white. Do you think I should dye it black so it doesn't reflect into the shots?
  7. I was just talking to a friend who has the V2, and he was also saying you can only shoot in this way in fully auto mode. still
  8. Thanks ,I'm just asking cause it's probably harder to get a V1 since they are discontinued. I would love to get one and play with it.
  9. Andrew, Does the V2, if that's the latest one do the same thing as the V1
  10. Andrew is not a Nikon guy, I would defiantly put this in place of the 5D3, It does has clean HDMI out, is cheaper cost wise and has a nice built feel in your hands. Canons to me feel to plastic y. I do like the Canon colour profiles and I'm hoping this is where Nikon will make some improvements.
  11. I emailed Atomos, told them about this article and asked if it was the same for the D4 and their reply was "The information we have from Nikon is that this is an option for the D800 only".
  12. [quote author=brice link=topic=218.msg1541#msg1541 date=1327643202] [quote]Andrew how do you explain the aliasing and moire free "WHY" video? I admit that the "Freddie King" video looks real nasty and something is clearly wrong but how is the "WHY" video looking so nice. It's got very nice resolution and I can't find any trace of aliasing / moire. Both videos look like they were shot on different cameras. Makes no sense to me.[/quote] Andrew, I second this statement. And would also like to hear your take on the unmitigated divergence of quality between the two videos. It's amazing how different those two films look. [/quote]
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