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    Rgrain film grain

    For those interested in film grain look check out rgrain.com, $20 off promo right now Coupon: 6J241879
  2. I want to buy a GH2 and I have a couple questions. I thought this was the best place to ask. How does the codec with hack installed react to under exposing? Is there noticeable compression macroblocking like the 5DMKII and how is the detail resolving in the underexposed areas? I own 16-35L, 50 1.4 and 85 1.8 Canon EF lenses, which adapter do I need to control the aperture electronically? Thanks for reading this.
  3. EDIT: I read too fast and thought you were talking about wide shots...Sorry. My response is edited below. [quote author=tobyloc link=topic=218.msg1553#msg1553 date=1327684627] The Why video does NOT have very nice resolution [/quote] To my eyes it has better resolution than my 5D. You can tell by looking at the beard, skin wrinkles, hair and ground with rocks... Resolution is more than acceptable in this video. [quote author=tobyloc link=topic=218.msg1553#msg1553 date=1327684627] Regarding the moire for Why, I'm not sure, they shot a lot of wide open shots that would hide aliasing/moire and they tend to appear in more man made materials rather than in nature where you don't have things like patterns and parallel lines so much. [/quote] There's so many camera angles to look at in the "WHY" video including many wide shots. There's cars, kayak, road signs, metal watches, many fabrics, hairs etc.. I can't see any aliasing or moire. A lot of shots in this video would have looked terrible on 5D and they look incredible here.
  4. Andrew how do you explain the aliasing and moire free "WHY" video? I admit that the "Freddie King" video looks real nasty and something is clearly wrong but how is the "WHY" video looking so nice. It's got very nice resolution and I can't find any trace of aliasing / moire. Both videos look like they were shot on different cameras. Makes no sense to me.
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