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  1. [quote author=jcs link=topic=501.msg3302#msg3302 date=1333235769] [quote author=brice link=topic=501.msg3301#msg3301 date=1333234858]Wait, what? Much better? Sorry, but this looks horrible.[/quote] That's cool. All of this is art. I like it (I oversharpened it to make a point: could have been matched to the other image for a more pleasing film look). What part(s) don't you like? The lighting and color between the images was different from the start. I processed it to show high frequencies present in the WITH OLPF dataset (image frame). It's not clear yet if removing the OLPF will result in any more information being stored after processing and compression. A resolution chart would show with reasonable certainty if resolution has been improved past ~890 lines (measured from multiple sources with resolution charts). [/quote] Sorry for being harsh, just not my cup of tea. But I am wondering what all was done to the screenshot? Given that the text was embedded in the file you worked with, I am wondering why the text looks like it has a slight Gaussian Blur applied?
  2. [quote author=jcs link=topic=501.msg3298#msg3298 date=1333232048] [quote author=Andrew Reid - EOSHD link=topic=501.msg3293#msg3293 date=1333225032] What have you done to that frame grab to make it look so bad?[/quote] This version is much better, done in PPro CS5.5 using convolution sharpen and my GPU noise effect. [/quote] Wait, what? Much better? Sorry, but this looks horrible.
  3. Andrew, Can you give some insight into Mac workflow when dealing with the NEX 7 or 5N footage? Do the files need to be converted, or can they drop natively into FCPX? If conversion is necessary, what program would you suggest? Trying to decide if I should recommend this camera to a friend. But want to make sure there are no headaches when it comes time to edit. Thanks!
  4. [quote]Accordingly, there is a desire to output raw sensor data with reduced data transfer rate. [/quote] yes, yes there is. Interesting find, tungah.
  5. [quote]Andrew how do you explain the aliasing and moire free "WHY" video? I admit that the "Freddie King" video looks real nasty and something is clearly wrong but how is the "WHY" video looking so nice. It's got very nice resolution and I can't find any trace of aliasing / moire. Both videos look like they were shot on different cameras. Makes no sense to me.[/quote] Andrew, I second this statement. And would also like to hear your take on the unmitigated divergence of quality between the two videos. It's amazing how different those two films look.
  6. Andrew, Out of curiosity, where are these images coming from? Maybe I missed it in the article. But I wonder what the back story on them is, how accurate the source, etc? If they are accurate…this is very disappointing!
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