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  1. Andrew, have you had a chance to check out the 4K anamorphic mode yet? I'm very excited to see some footage.
  2. The problem with FCPX and film convert is that it puts the LUT before any color correction layers. This throws out a lot of detail and robs you of the ability to tweak with CC layers to make the LUT work.
  3. Andrew, where are the stretched ovals bokeh? I don't see it in this footage. Is there a still or specific time in the video you can point to?
  4. you can see ovals in the out of focus lights at the end but it's very subtle. I really like their approach with close, medium and far focus settings instead of diopters and having a built-on mattebox is smart. But it's pricey at $2500 loaded. I think I'll wait for a 2x.
  5. They posted footage from the multi-coated lens a week ago and hope to have footage from the single-coat this week:   http://vimeo.com/75758625   This is shot on a FS100 with Zeiss CPs.  
  6. To use a 2x ana on the BMCC what is the widest lens we'll be able to use without vignetting? We should be able to go a little wider than M43 sensor cams, right?
  7. So nobody is doing this then?
  8. Hey guys, can somebody write down a work flow for taking 2x anamorphic footage, blowing it up to 3840x1080, then cropping down to 2.66:1? I love my Kowa but the 3.55:1 is a little too extreme and I want to make sure I'm getting the best possible resolution I can using the "stretch" method. It's mentioned a lot in Andrew's guide, I'm just not sure the best way to crop. Right now I'm using compressor to make the 3840x1080 files, then dropping them into a 1920x1080 timeline and enlarging them until they hit the 2.66 mark. thanks!
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