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  1. Andrew, I am dying to know if the GH4 eliminates the 10 Seconds “Screen Off†issue that has plagued the GH3. Does or will the screen display elements (i.e. audio meters, level gauge, battery, card, etc.) of the GH4's LCD stay active/on indefinitely while recording video???? Great article!!
  2. I use an old Pentax A & M 50mm 2.0 film lens w/ Pentax K to M43rds adapter; it's a dream to use.
  3. Andrew, excellent info as usual;appreciate all your efforts. This may be a bit elementary, but a big concern for me. Has Panasonic fixed the issue with the display, in particular, the audio meters from vanishing while recording?? I have no need for the "Brick" and would like to rely on the on-board meters, etc. Great news regarding the focus peaking remaining active while recording! Thank you.
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