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  1. I am probably missing something but I have a simple solution to how to handle the 50i wrapper. I simply import it, and edit it, and export it as 25p, and everything looks great.. This works for me, but is clip wrap better to use for some reason? Also, how come when I play the clips in media player it appears to be progressive, but in Premiere while editing it appears to be interlaced in fine detail?
  2. Thank you so much for the answer. If I  may ask, how come that the hack only works with1080p cinema mode? So if I want a 720p hack for slow mo I have to use another hack? Is this a limitation wih the hacking?
  3. Hi! First of I must say how much I enjoy this site and the gh2 hacks and info. I fell in love with the Intra-esting hack. I understand that it boosts the 1080 24p mode, but what does it do for the 720p mode on the gh2? Do i still have the 88 mb/s or does it go down to the standard mode of the camera? This is probably known but with the Intra esting hack you cant play back footage in camera without restarting the camera, and the image on the lcd can get quite choppy when filming a lot of movement like a waterfall. But thus did not affect the final clip. I use a sandisk ultra 16gb 30 mb/s
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