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  1. Thanks, are you 100% sure of that, as this is the central question? There are many reports on GH4 and GH5 cameras that entering the service menu wiped out the V-Log update on those cameras if not properly backed up. Since prior activation had been done and some users lost their original product key it was then impossible to reinstall the V-Log update even with a new key. If I was in future to get my camera serviced would there not be the same risk with the S1 as with the GH4 or GH5?
  2. Hey all, been a while. I just picked up a Panasonic S1 from Wex and got it with the free Ninja V thrown in. Thing is it has the latest firmware on it 1.4 and... It's already got the paid V-Log update on it. A representative from Wex said only GH5 and S1H come with V-Log as standard. So, did anyone else get an S1 that already had the V-Log update unlocked? Also, assuming there are further firmware updates down the line, now that I do have it unlocked am I at risk of losing it due to updating the firmware, or is it "baked in" for good as it were? Thanks
  3. Classic Canon, greedy, clueless and overconfident. I'm sure the fanboys and buttered up 'pros' will keep them afloat though.
  4. jcs - Give it a break, you are either a Canon fan boy or on something if you think post sharpening a 5D3 is even close to the resolution of the BMC. It just takes half a second looking at one of the "stills" from this camera to see that it wipes the 5D3 off the map. Please...
  5. You're on a bit of a roll today :-)
  6. Damn that is good news! 91Mbps is awesome. Got to wonder about pricing though. This is supposed to be a photography tool first and foremost yet what real improvements are there for pure photographers, faster AF? Can't see a lot of reasons to upgrade from the MKII for non video users. Doesn't concern us video folks but wondering how the market as a whole will take to the camera and price.
  7. "better video image quality with no moire or aliasing and true 1080 lines of resolution and now I have got it, big time." Andrew, how can you be so sure of this. Have you seen some raw uncompressed video from the MKIII that noone else has seen? Yes it looks good so far, and the specs are good on paper, but I will reserve judgement until I can download an example of the real deal.
  8. Now that the D800 has been and gone and disappointed with low bitrate, moire and soft video, plus 36MP!?? (at least this is the perception from the very few pieces we can see that were shot with it), i'm really hoping the MkIII is the video DSLR of 2012. The 22MP sensor is a good sign being the magic number for downscaling. It should also be significantly better in low light than the D800. Fingers crossed for 28th Feb. As much as I love the GH2 and am amazed by what it can do, I want a camera that can be taken seriously by clients, is in a professional form factor and can deliver both great stills and video. Surely shouldn't be much to ask being as we're now in 2012...
  9. Interesting point about perhaps the NEX-7 being used in conjunction with the GH2 to cover its bases. In the grand scheme they both are really quite cheap so it's not unthinkable. Really looking forward to this review now, there seems to be very little out there at the moment. Particularly would like to see how far it can be pushed in grading and how the Quantum hacked GH2 720p 60 uprezzed to 1080 compares to the NEX-7 1080p 60.
  10. [quote author=milandirector link=topic=243.msg1645#msg1645 date=1328489549] I really, really hope that your predictions do not come true. I have just bought a new GH2 camera, and I would feel pretty dumb if I didn't wait another couple of weeks for a better NEX 7  >:( , so I sincerely hope that GH2 will ultimately kick NEX 7's ass  ;D  ;D [/quote] I think you're pretty safe to be honest. I'd put money on the GH2 remaining at the top of the podium. I was just hoping that the NEX-7 might deliver close to it and give us 1080 60p. From everything I've seen so far though the moire on the NEX-7 alone is enough for me to gravitate towards the GH2. Check out the comparison videos posted by this guy: [url=http://vimeo.com/35827837][Updated!] NEX-7 vs. GH2 side-by-side video comparison Part 1 (FullHD 1080p25 version)[/url] An unhacked GH2 seems to be around the ball park of the NEX-7 minus moire, but hacked the GH2 destroys it, at least from the examples in that link. This is only one source though and I don't have the camera in hand to give a real opinion. But my feeling is that unless a hack comes out for the NEX-7 it looks very much like the GH2 is still top dog.
  11. @tungah - This camera is smaller than a GH2, many lenses are bigger than the camera itself, so if you are concerned about "looking" professional this would really be quite difficult without a substantial setup. Chuck a monitor, mattebox, rails and good stabilisation into the mix and it just might.
  12. Interesting... I didn't think that there would be a contest between this and the GH2. 1080 60p is also a very enticing feature. Very excited now about the outcome of this review, actually in a strange way hope that the NEX 7 can come out on top.
  13. Wish Nikon were this clued up about HDSLR video. Hopefully RAW video on DSLR form factor in 2013 then. Great if it was sooner, not likely though.
  14. If only we could judge which camera was best simply by how sharp it is. How about dynamic range, light sensitivity, colour rendition etc. Hacked high bit rate helps to capture available detail and make grading easier but it can only take the GH2 so far. The D4 may well be softer than the GH2, but in terms of image quality, sharpness and price may well be the only cards the GH2 can play against it. That WHY footage looked great in my opinion.
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