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  1. A little off-topic, but... you mentioned rack focusing whilst looking through the EVF?  Sadly, I can't figure out how do touchscreen rack focus at all on the GH3 :(  Looked everywhere, can't figure out which settings I've got wrong.  Very much looking forward to the GH3 shooters guide!
  2. The look of this is very good! It was shot in 1080? I find the stuttering during pans and fast motion to be pretty distracting, but maybe it's because my GH1 has the same issue, and I'm looking to closely for it? Maybe to a normal viewer who is not a filmmaker would smooth right over that issue? Otherwise, the lighting and grading is superb. As a viewer- It's a little overly dramatic in the scene direction and soundtrack for my taste... I'd call it 'well on the way to being a solid film', rather than a breakout hit. But as a filmmaker- I can safely say I would die happy having reached this level of ability. Thanks for sharing!
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