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  1. My wish list: everything as 'rumored', plus built in ND, and GLOBAL SHUTTER!
  2. Andrew, aesthetic considerations aside, do you know if and which hack he used? His anamorphic setup? His workflow? You know, all the juicy techy stuff we love to know.
  3. Slightly off topic, but I wonder if it's too late in the game for Panasonic to implement global shutter on the GH3, I'm just saying...
  4. Any idea if anybody, Vitaly included, has been able to implement AVCHD 2.0 feature sets into hack/patch for current crop of Lumix cameras - GH2, GF2/3?  [b]Specifically 1080@60p[/b]. No clear if the brand new GF5 carries 2.0, or do we have to wait till GH3 to see that?
  5. Just joined EOSHD, been eyeing a GH2 for a while, and reading all about the patches available for it, so before I dive in the deep end, I have a couple of newbie questions regarding working with patches. - Do you, or can you install all the patches onto the camera, or do you install and enable one at a time when you want to use a particular patch. - Is there a patch that allows the GH2 to shoot 1080 at 60p?  I thought I read that somewhere but not sure. Thanks
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