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  1. Cheers Mozes! Its working now-25p at last. All the best
  2. Many thanks Mozes! Do I simply trasnfer this directly to the cam? For, I downloaded that link yesterday from personal view and I as I tried to follow the same procedure by running Ptool 3.36 it said that it was already patched. In this case, if I first transfer the firmeware will it stay unmodifiede if I add afterwards a patch like the EOSHD Vanilla 44 or others will it be overwritten?
  3. Hello to everyone, I am new to this forum and also a new user of gh2 which I need to use it for various occasions. I hacked it today but I am afraid I messed up with it trying to combine a few different patches together (including ‘AQUAMOTION’ ver 2 by Driftwood and EOSHD RoadRunner 200, EOSHD Intra-esting 88 and EOSHD Vanilla 44) but not getting what I needed most: the 25p PAL option… Following Philip Bloom’s suggestion I got to this site: [url=http://osgfilms.com/hack-the-panasonic-gh2/]http://osgfilms.com/hack-the-panasonic-gh2/[/url] and downloaded the hack (supposed to provide the 25p PAL feature and Driftwood’s hack) along with the three patches found here in EOSHD. Yet, I still have no the 25p PAL option (no HBR option found under creative movie mode either). Although I do see the 12.800 ISO and also I did a shooting today (an interview) for something like less than an hour and consumed a 32GB Sandisk 30Mb/s which means that the bit rate has changed to a much higher rate. So, I wonder: a) Where in the menu can one see the new features and control them i.e. the various bit rates? i.e. how can we chose between the EOSHD RoadRunner 200 (200 Mbit AVCHD) and EOSHD Intra-esting 88 (88 Mbit AVCHD)? Or evevn the 44MBit? b) Is it possible and how can I go back to the initial settings of the camera? For if not controllable, I don’t want always to use the highest bit rates in my shootings. c) Accordingly, if one wants to add a new patch is it possible without overwriting the old ones? d) Last but MOST IMPORTANT: how can I add the 25p PAL option? Can I find that firmware Panasonic removed elsewhere? I apologise for asking such trivial questions in an experts forum but I didn’t know where else should I post for help. Thanks very much in advance for your time. Any advice will be deeply appreciated!  :) Best regards, Maria
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