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  1. Cheers Mozes! Its working now-25p at last. All the best
  2. Many thanks Mozes! Do I simply trasnfer this directly to the cam? For, I downloaded that link yesterday from personal view and I as I tried to follow the same procedure by running Ptool 3.36 it said that it was already patched. In this case, if I first transfer the firmeware will it stay unmodifiede if I add afterwards a patch like the EOSHD Vanilla 44 or others will it be overwritten?
  3. Hello to everyone, I am new to this forum and also a new user of gh2 which I need to use it for various occasions. I hacked it today but I am afraid I messed up with it trying to combine a few different patches together (including ‘AQUAMOTION’ ver 2 by Driftwood and EOSHD RoadRunner 200, EOSHD Intra-esting 88 and EOSHD Vanilla 44) but not getting what I needed most: the 25p PAL option… Following Philip Bloom’s suggestion I got to this site: [url=http://osgfilms.com/hack-the-panasonic-gh2/]http://osgfilms.com/hack-the-panasonic-gh2/[/url] and downloaded the hack (supposed to prov
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