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  1. If you want sell your work, try to make a living with it, and you own a Canon 5DII, the VAF-5D2 is the best investment you can make. I like the GH2 but not as much as the 5D for the kind of pictures I can take, still learning thou. It is tempting going only with Panny, more flexible camera, but I don't want give up to all my EF lenses. 
  2. Driftwood new patches are to extreme for my needs and my level 10 cards. I wish to keep the 2 hrs range to record interviews and don't get a frozen camera in the middle of it. I'm using the Andrew's vanilla patch, there will be any optimized patch around 44mb bit rate for v.1.1?
  3. I used working in the past with those white balance filters for photography. Then I forgot using raw files. I think is time to go back to the "old good manners". Thanks for remind me.
  4. Sara, you say: My boyfriend used that guide (above) a lot when he shot digital medium format. I don't understand if this is done in Post-color correction or with in the camera, if this is the case I would be very interested to know how he does it. Before starting this post I was working with Kelvin colors, the GH2 allows you to chance color gradation, but I didn't go very far. Thanks
  5. Very instructive Sara, and the explanation of the Linear Gamma helped me to understand some of my frustrations. I'll do my homework, experimenting also the hacked firmware for the GH2. Thanks for now.
  6. I'll try follow you setting Andrew, I mostly worked with SMOOTH, but I think that probably it would help having different lenses, Nokton for example, I have only the 14-140 for now. I can see how the 70-200 makes a huge difference compared to the 28-135 on the Canon 5D. Jean-Baptiste, very nice your test. I maybe wrong but I can see in that video the limit of the GH2, I'm talking about the nice skin's texture Canon shows that I'm not able to get with the Panny. Mostly of my work are interviews and I got very "sensitive" of this point, you can color correct the image but when the skin is polished, washed out?, there is little I can do. I guess.. 8)
  7. I have recently bought a Panny GH2 to work with my Canon 5D II. It replaces my old Sony video camera, and I'm quite happy because besides quality, is very flexible and very close to a video cam. I have tried different sets to match the two cameras colors, but I'm not very happy of what I get. Anybody got good results working with GH2 and 5D together? Thanks
  8. Hi Andrew, I recently got a GH2 as a B camera for my Canon 5d II, and your book helped me to get in quickly to this little jewel. So, thanks for that and for your very informative web site. 2 questions. These patches are for the old version 1.0? I have an ntsc camera. Your GOP settings are thought for both format or just for Pal? Thanks.
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