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  1. Here is some of the Nikon D4 Q/A's @IR_Lab Nikon D4 Question: Minimum increments of aperture change during video recording? (Steve Heiner) - For video, this is where the D4 will really impress. When recording to the internal memory cards, the same option to change aperture exists, changing the aperture in 1/3 stop increments. We've added a new feature called Power Aperture, in Live View mode, though: Using the Preview and Fn buttons on the front of the camera, you can smoothly and steplessly open and close the aperture in Live View mode (prior to recording). If you're reco
  2. Did a Fresh EOSHD Intra-esting 88 firm install. I'm having playback problems. I'm using a SanDisk Extreme 30MB/s 16gb SD card. When I go to play back a vid it says cannot playback motion clip. It only works if I turn the camera off and then on again. Any Clues? [url=http://www.lvphoto.ca]www.lvphoto.ca[/url]
  3. Nice post Andrew. It sure clears up some gh2 hack confusion. It would be nice to see a description of what each hack would be best used for. Also recommended card speed for each hack setting. Thanks a lot. Loving the gh2 book too. Lvphoto.ca
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