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  1. VERY impressed with the first vid. Thats such a good example of having the skill to film and edit wins hands down over quality of equipment.
  2. THATS AWESOME. Love the sheep lolololol
  3. Nice one mate, niiiiice one! You should post a link to a patch with the 12,800 iso in it. Hell, post a relevant patch with every post on the GH2! For lazy ppl like me its awfully appealing and easy!
  4. Ahh, nice one. Cheers mate! And can i also make a request? Id love to have a recommended "night shot" patch and accompanying film mode for 128,000iso B/W filming?
  5. Fucking champion! Cheers Andrew. PS: having to come over to the forum to comment is a tad tedious, made worse by having to always input the verification code to allow the comment!
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