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  1. I've gotten accustomed to 30fps—I'd like to see 1080p 60fps and 720p 120fps. Had Olympus included the above, I would have upgraded from the E-M5.
  2. I own the Sony A7 and I love what it has done to my legacy lens collection. The images are everything I expected from this capturing device. But we live in a new age of photography—and video now plays a large role. If the E-M1 is anything like the E-M5 (only better), then the A7/R falls severely short of the mark. BTW, great reading!
  3. I think Canon will finally begin to shed their protectionist ways. I've said all along that until Canon sees an erosion of their market, they won't innovate in the right places.   The industry is in decline because the market leaders (the ones carrying most of the weight) insisted on playing it safe.   Maybe 2014 will be different.
  4. Any non-compete would be more moronic than Olympus not leveraging their 5-axis stabilizer in the growing video market.   Olympus has moved forward with the E-M1, but they fell sadly short of the mark.   As Andrew has said, maybe Sony will leverage the 5-axis.
  5. I use SpeedBooster on my NEX-7. I've recently acquired two adapters (Nikon to EF and Olympus OM to EF). I'm now using the Nikkor 55mm f2.8 and the Olympus 100mm f2 OM.   Speed Booster is a great product!
  6. Thanks for this report Andrew.   If this product plays out as I think it will, relevancy of full-frame will definitely be compromised.
  7. [quote name='mike_tee_vee' timestamp='1348171301' post='18751'] There are no ethical implications to what a business choses to charge for its products. We live in a capitalist society where price action is governed by supply and demand. Canon's goal is to maximize profits. Demand will ultimately dictate price. As much as it sucks, Canon are under no moral obligation to provide cameras at a reasonable price for low budget filmmakers. Take a look at Apple. Margins on most of their products are significantly higher than the competition, yet the demand for them is through the roof. [/quote] I totally agree, it's what the market will bear that is the ultimate arbiter of price. Canon is still riding the wave of success and will continue with its policies until such time it sees its market share erode. If you put the product in enough Steven Spielbergs, chances are it will trickle down the food chain.
  8. Andrew, thanks for the interesting post. Panasonic using Sony sensor? I guess if Olympus is now buying from Sony, economy of scale isn't working for Panasonic.
  9. The way I see it, this mirrorless offering by Canon is merely an attempt to appease all the Canonites (myself included) who have been pounding the drums since m4/3 took birth.
  10. I would like to see two mirrorless formats from Canon: a 4/3-like mount and a full-frame. Especially the latter! I believe that the APS-C mount was originally conceived out necessity. Cost and lack of processing power being the major catalysts—look at what's happened to Canon's APS-H format. Today, both cost and processing power play less of a role and the onslaught of cheap full-frame systems is just around the corner. For this reason, I see APS-C loosing relevancy in the marketplace. I don't mind supporting two mounts—m4/3 and full-frame; APS-C may get caught between a rock and a hard place.
  11. Thank you for such an informative essay.
  12. "Does it offer enough over the Sony NEX 7 to justify the price tag?" Even if the price was equal, the Sony NEX-7 wins out in a number of key areas—size, better EVF, flip-out screen. From my prospective, the X-Pro 1 is a huge disappointment.
  13. There's definitely flies in the ointment. I went on their forum and website to check on a compatibility list—their communication skills are not very good. Their misstep with the 5N caused serious erosion of confidence—a comprehensive list of lens compatibility would go a long way to restoring confidence. I guess as long as they stand alone in the marketplace, they can get away with it.
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