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  1. After the release of Sony FS 7 sony convinced me to change from canon to sony and I did switch. After this anouncement I am sure I ll be with sony for a long time. Andrew said "If Sony can put an internal 4K codec and 5 axis stabilisation on the A7 S II then they will keep me as a customer for a VERY long time. How can anyone else really have an answer to that? " I say there is no if no but only sony. I will wait for image stablisation on a7sII, Good by Canon For long time.........
  2. After buying canon 7D i came to know about EOS HD, and panasonic gh1, soon after panasonic upgraded the gh2 and i still had canon, now gh3 has come and canon still is beating around the bush, same quality video in different cameras at different prices, this is a very upsetting moment for canon users like me, i waited for 3 long years for canon to update there video resolution, they still produce 720p and claim 1080p in 24p, no 60p, no hdmi out, i mean what is this. after this long wait i changed my mind to go with panasonic gh3 and go pro hero 3, i preordered these and said goodby to canon for good. i am not one of those claimed professionals who can afford 15k for video dslr, like me there are thousands of other fellow filmakers around the world thinks the same. i read lots of forums and everywhere people are fed up with canon dslrs line up. i have taken my descision if some one like me reading this, its your time to think if you haven't already taken the next step. happy film making
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