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  1. Hi Andrew, How would this Swivi 5.6" screen fit on a GH2? It would probably dwarf it, but, could it be useful for critical focus on the fly (the GH2 screen is often too low res for that) I am interested in the convenience of the peaking function. Could you post a picture? Thanks
  2. Andrew, when you wrote that the panasonic lenses have "a continuously variable iris (again for video)" do you mean that the iris compensates as you zoom in (jumping in ca. 1/3 stop increments) or that it seamlessly compensates like on a video camera? My 14-140 has some annoying density shifts as I zoom. Is there a way to get rid of that (besides buying this 12-35 f2.8 lens)? Thanks.
  3. Andrew have you seen this got reposted here: [url=http://news.doddleme.com/equipment/could-the-panasonic-gh2-has-better-video-than-the-5d-mk-iii-well-hang-on/]http://news.doddleme.com/equipment/could-the-panasonic-gh2-has-better-video-than-the-5d-mk-iii-well-hang-on/[/url]
  4. After downloading and looking at the QT file off vimeo. The sloMo footage the photographer states is 720/60 has noticeable jaggies (02:33) from the extra downscaling while the 1080 footage looks great. Too bad they only put it up in 720x1280 res though.
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