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  1. Hi there. I am a Media Engineering student and I am now part time working at a small production company, doing almost everything (Cutting, Grading, filming, sound...) . And I am allowed to use their FS700 for my personal projects (which I have LOTS of) They also have a NEX-EF Speedbooster . in the last couple years, I invested heavily in Canon Glas, since I am a photographer at heart ;) and I also have a HUGE collection of Konica/AR mount Glas (I mean, HUGE!!) Which I got as a present a couple years back. So.. I made the mistake of buying a Panasonic G6 , Great camera, awesome in Video mode, resolution like no other "Dslr" i have ever seen(personally...) But the 2x Crop is killing my otherwise awseome hexanon Lenses. BUT, I now have this Speedbooster, so I decided to switch to SONY Nex. I can use my Konica Glas(no speedbooster.. sadly) as well as all the Canon Glas I have (All great L lenses) . So here is my question, which is the best sony NEX for video? I can not find any tests on the NEX6.. I Do not care at all about photo mode, lowlight is a Plus but not as important as resolution, and it needs to stand up to quiet brutal Grading in post. We are going to use this camera as a B camera for the Fs700 replacing the 550D . I wont be able to buy the new A7/r so only NEX APs-c options. Thanks for helping me here, I kinda got lost reading a million reviews and I do not really get all the NEx 5/N/R/T differences when it comes to video.
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