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  1. I loathe the idea of buying a camera whose rolling shutter speed is not significantly faster than the 5D mark ii. The BMCC would be far more appealing to me if it had a global shutter.A rotary disc shutter add-on could do the trick.The sensor is small enough on the BMCC that an appropriate rotary disc shutter needn't be very large.15cm in diameter is probably overkill, but the bigger the better for the purposes of eliminating rolling shutter.It could have a male mFT mount on the camera side and a female canon EF mount on the lens side.The shutter angle should be variable as in the Photosonics and Hulcher 70mm cameras.There needs to be a syncing mechanism.It's complicated, but not ridiculously so.Blackmagic oughta whip something up in time for the wide release of the mFT-mount BMCC.I would pay $500 without a second thought.Matter of fact, any one of the 35mm-adapter companies could make themselves relevant again by making a universal e-mount/mFT rotary disc shutter. The spinner guys are already almost there. (Why the hell hasn't this happened already?)Thoughts?
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