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  1. I have an upcoming video project doing online video training modules for staff members of a major NYC hospital. (It's nice to have connections. ;-) But I'm not getting paid, either. :-( ) Anyway, I'm a photographer, not a video guy and I'm trying to figure out the best way to do video with audio and not spend a ton of money on more gear. I plan on using my GH2 and (possibly) GX7, Voigtländer M4/3 lenses and probably get Final Cut to tie it all together. One other thing, I want to do some video screen captures of someone using custom software for trainings, adding a voiceover later. Since I'm a Mac guy I know of Mac applications that can do that, but all their computers are Windows, so is there a good Windows application that can do that? I'm thinking of using an external mic, probably some sort of clip-on type, since it's just voice recording. Mono or Stereo? I already have a 3.5mm to 2.5mm adaptor for a mic. I may try using both cameras, to make it more interesting for viewers, so an external audio recorder should be my best bet when editing it all together. There's stuff like time codes that I'll have to deal with, correct? Will I need lights, like small LEDs or am I better off working with ambient light? I do have fast lenses. Am I crazy trying to use 2 cameras and an external recorder, since I have no clue what I'm doing? Should I keep it simple and stick with one camera and an external mic recording direct to the camera? I'm tech proficient and have no doubt that I'd be able to pull it all together. It'll be a good learning experience. Does anyone have suggestions for mice, external recorders, reality check, etc.? Thanks!
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