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  1. Selling my trusty Canon 5D II with Canon 24-70 f2.8 $800 (only) with extras for studio work. Full Package $1400 ($200 saving) PayPal. Can ship USA or local pick up (Brooklyn NY/ East Brunswick NJ) Camera Package: Canon 5D II body only ($470) + one battery and charger Really Right Stuff L bracket = $80 2 extra original batteries + 1 extra (not original) 2x$30=$60 Canon AC-E6N AC Adapter and DC Coupler DR-E6 Kit = $120 Canon Remote Switch RS-80N3 = $30 SanDisk 32GB Extreme Pro CompactFlash (Magic Lantern installed) = $40 - strap $15 Camera Package = 470+80+60+120+30+40=$800 TOTAL = $800 I used the camera in a studio for product photography. It has 87k shutter count. Never used it for video. Sensor professionally cleaned. It has some edge wear out on the body but nothing critical overall look clean. It was well cared. I'm the only one owner. Canon 24-70 f2.8 is clean, no scratches. It was serviced with a Canon Pro technical service. The aperture mechanism was replaced (that the most common problem of that lens) So it's 100% will work.
  2. I have done some quick trials with RAW with 5d mark II. I have used raw2dng to create the dng sequence from the raw footage. I then modify the raw sequence with photoshop Cs6. This works well. When I go to import the sequence into AfterEffects I get the raw window popping up- here's where I am stumped. This raw editing window that comes up is an older version of raw editor, older than the one I modified the sequence with in PS. And, the footage looks way darker- like 2 stops or more under- so I am always tempted to tweak it again. It often looks over processed/corrected and grainy then, once it's in AE. When I just import it as is with no correction in the raw editor during the AE import it ends up looking better, but still too dark. How do I update the raw editor in After Effects (CS5) to match the photoshop raw editor? Am I having a color space issue or something like it? Why does the footage that looks good in PS not look good in AE? the movie file that raw2dng creates from the raw file is also very dark. thanks for any help you can offer. opening a dng file from the sequence in PS- the images look good and the exposure seems pretty right on.
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