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  1. (please look @ attachment) I am not sure if this card is fast enough for shooting raw video on my 5D Mark III or not. Should I keep it or try another Komputer Bay card that maybe is faster?
  2. Dear forum members. I have a problem on how to verify my new Komputerbay 1000x(32GB) cards writespeed. I do not have the 5DIII so that I could use the built in benchmark but I do have Lexar USB 3 CF card reader and 5DII (it is my understanding that the 5DII is speed limited) Testing methodology: Lexar USB 3 card reader connected via USB 3 port. Software H2testw 1.4 (Which seems to be a reasonable card speed testing program). Result: I get only 61.5 MB/s write speed with my Komputer Bay card So while I have no way of knowing how high is the Card reader is able to write in the first place to know for sure that I'm not limited by the reader. Does anyone have the said reader and experience in it's write speed? The Lexar card reader product page says it's UDM7. So I suppose the card reader is not at it's limit while writing that ~61.5 MB/s http://www.lexar.com/products/lexar-professional-usb-30-dual-slot-reader?category=203 A secondary observation about SD Komputer Bay SD-cards. I bought Komputer Bay 64GB 600x SD cards. The card says 90MB/s read / 40MB/s write speed. The above meantioned program (H2testw) gives a write speed of about 32-35MB/s for those. While tested on the Lexar USB3 reader.   The problem i'm facing with those cards is A dritfwood hacked GH2 says the card is too slow for recording at HI mode. The low mode works which is about half of the data rate. Would anyone have any input on this problem? I am some what familiar about the GH 2 hacks limitations but I*m quite NOOB. Cosidering the datarate at the HI mode should be inside the 32MB/s range. The card testing software if anyone is interested. http://www.heise.de/download/h2testw.html  
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