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  1. I've started working on a new series of slightly light-hearted youtube videos which parody old British factual / educational TV programmes (i.e. inspired by Tomorrow's World, Look Around You etc...) - complete with a classic continuity announcement after the end credits. I'd been doing synth music demo videos and simple camera tests on this youtube channel for years, but wanted to try something different and hopefully a bit more creative, and also to be able to collaborate with friends. Here's the first video. It's not perfect but was a helpful exercise to see what I can potentially improve on in future. Let me know your thoughts! I used the S1H - shooting in 6K. Shame I added the retro filter as it looks amazing without it, but I thought it went well with the video's style - won't be using it on every video in future though. I'm also using stock footage for b-roll from a website I'm subscribed to, which hopefully fits the style of the video. The text was written by a friend many years ago for a university radio show. Maybe we could have revised it a bit to make it work better for the screen - will keep that in mind in future. My channel's main topic is synths so I've kept that theme in this video, having composed the background music with one specific synth.
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