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  1. Lowered price:$600 Diopter D=1m for Lomo Foton-A anamorphic attachment lens, AG-LA7200, iscorama, etc.. Bought for $950 Very Rare, This is perhaps one of the last Foton-A diopter you can find on internet. This diopter is mounted onto front part of Foton-A anamorphic attachment. The diopter allows to shoot closer (from 1 meter) and allow very sharp shooting for closer shoot with anamorphic lens or attachment. Lens part are in good conditions. There are some cleaning marks and some dust of surfaces, but no scratches, no glass chips, no fungus. There are some small marks on the metal part you can see it on the photos. May be used with other lenses (AG-LA7200, iscorama, lomo, century optics, etc..). you can see reviews of the use of this diopter coupled with AG-LA7200 on 5D mark II at http://www.eoshd.com/content/555 and > You can buy it now on eBay: http://www.ebay.ca/itm/Diopter-1m-for-lomo-Foton-A-anamorphic-attachment-lens-/221356997974?pt=Camera_Lenses&hash=item3389e7bd56 Thanks, Jeff
  2. We are about to start a small 0$ project that I'm going to shoot it on anamorphic adapters and GH2. Although the Kowa B&H is mostly good for exteriors there are quite a few interior shots ( car interior, rural gas station bathroom, ... ) in this project. Test are showing even Tokina 11-16 set at 11mm won't provide the POV the script is asking for. My options are narrowing down to either rewrite or shoot on FishEye for most of interiors and rewrite to explain the the visuals - re-modeling spaces are out of budget/question . There is one more last option and that is LA-7200 or century optics anamorphic that I don't know much about. Before I start the bid fighting the pirates on the Bay I need to know if there are any other viable options out there for really wide scopes within the low budget access. Any help is appreciated.
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