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  1. Built from Adafruit parts, this is a very high quality 9.7 inch display for PC or Mac, based on a Retina iPad Screen. Ideal for photographers, graphics designers, app and web designers and videographers, with its compact size, great colours and dynamic range. This is a 2048x1536 retina, ultra-high pixel density, IPS display that can connect to any computer with a Thunderbolt/DisplayPort port. This product comes with a new 9.7" diagonal TFT display module (the same one used in the iPad 3 & 4), along with a custom made driver board, a wire monitor stand , 5M DisplayPort cable and 9V power adapter. From the Adafruit Site: "The driver board is a work of art (it was designed by resident engineer KTOWN) - and we use the really awesome LT3754 as a 12-channel constant current driver with individual backlight string channel control. This gives the backlight perfect consistency over any usage or temperature range. A ATtiny85 handles the backlight dimming and soft on/off, so you can PWM the backlight over a range to get the look you want. Use as a main screen or even better, as a secondary monitor. Great for photo or video editing - you can use a large main monitor for frame-by-frame editing and then preview on the smaller side frame. Or keep your email or dashboard notifications on the side. Heck, web-devs will want to use it to preview what their sites will look like on a "Retina" display. The 9.7" screen is small enough to keep out of the way." The main parts originally cost: 1 x LG LP097QX1 - iPad 3/4 Retina Display[ID:1751] = $99.95 1 x Qualia Bare Driver Board for LP097QX1 Display[ID:1716] = $79.95 And after adding the display port cable, stand and power supply (as well as shipping (30 dollars ), the total cost was well over £150. I'm looking for £70, including UK postage. Shipping from Glasgow, Scotland. Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have Calum
  2. Hi!   I am an amateur (but passionate!) filmmaker and would like to buy a display/monitor for video editing. Colour accuracy is of course important. I don't earn my money with video editing, so I don't want a high-end professional, x000 € expensive monitor, but something in the range of 600-900€ would be possible.   Which 27" display would you recommend? Or are two 24" displays better (ergonomically)? Thanks!  
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