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  1. @TomTheDP Thanks - it was my usual setup of one key and one backlight. I'm happy with the footage, I'm just trying to get my head around using the Z-LOG profile and LUT. Good to know it looks OK to you. I've now graded the footage and blended the LUT more subtly so the final result looks good to me. The profile is set in the camera, I put the footage into Resolve and apply the LUT. My (basic) understanding is that the LUT maps the existing image info to different info and so changes the look of the image. I've applied a load of LUTs in Resolve and can see the difference so I'm not sure why the first two replies were so dismissive and unhelpful. I know they can be used on input/output for an entire project and to balance different cameras and all that, but is there anything wrong using them this way?
  2. Do you do this on other questions/forums? Just pointlessly comment without offering any help at all? Seems a strange way to pass the time.
  3. @Andrew Reid Thanks for that. Very helpful. It was an honest question, explaining that I know I'm missing something, in the hope of a little guidance. Maybe you've heard this question a million times, but I couldn't find much in the forum to help. @Alexis Fontana I have read around the subject, I understand what LUTs do - why would I have bought this if I didn't think it would be of benefit? I guess I'm asking what I should expect from the EOSHD LUT. To your comments on the setup, which aren't related to the question I asked in any way, I had no control over what people wear and I point the mic down to counter plosives.
  4. I purchased the Z-LOG profile and I'm looking for some advice on how to use it properly. Using a Z6 and the Cinematic profile. Once I drop the footage into Resolve, it looks suitably low contrast, as you'd expect, but once I apply the Cinematic LUT, it just seems to make it really contrasty and dark. Is this right? Here's an ungraded still before adding LUT: https://ibb.co/t8wv5nX And here's it with the Cinematic LUT: https://ibb.co/42WYcjn I can pretty much replicate the effect of the LUT by upping the contrast. What am I missing? Thanks.
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