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  1. Hey there, does anyone have any experience with video autofocus on the EOS R with both native and adapted EF lenses? Three years ago, you wouldn't have caught me dead using AF with video work, but using AF with my Sony A7III along with both Sony and Sigma E-mount lenses has been a great experience for situations like interviews, speeches, and gimbal work. I like that the focus pulls smoothly and looks like a manual focus roll https://19216801.onl/ https://routerlogin.uno/ (as opposed to super fast and jittery). How does DPAF compare on Canon cameras? I'm assuming it's probably really smooth on the expensive RF lenses, but what about EF lenses with an adapter? I know they're supposed to work no problem for stills AF, but haven't seen many tests for video AF tracking.
  2. Currently using a mid-2015 MBP 2.2 i7 w/ 16gb of ram. As soon as I add the videos to iMovie (moving to FCPX this week) and layer them with green screen or picture in picture/etc. the computer slows and sounds like a jet engine taking off. Not sure if creating proxies or upgrading new a 13" MBP 2020 model would be helpful. Also edit internally vs. external thoughts? I will be creating mostly 5-15m videos for educational purposes on a weekly basis. Thanks!
  3. I've done some research and this lens sounds phenomenal. I'll be shooting with a D7000 and I thought this would be a great lens to replace my old kit 18-55vr. I have a 1.8 35mm DX as well as the always awesome 50mm 1.8D, so I'm really looking to fill in that initial gap as well as get some overlap. Does anyone have experience with this lens or would recommend another?
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