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  1. 4 hours ago, Andrew Reid said:

    Was that Resolve 15?

    Thanks for trying it out. Just out of interest is your S1 set to 64-1023 or 64-940 for 10bit in the Luminance Level camera menu?

    It’s set to 0-1023. But I always record V-Log and I don’t know if that setting also affect V-Log really (which I assume would override that anyway to get full range… why would a camera shoot Log with video levels…well…who knows ).

    Regarding the XT3 issue, it seemed to be hardware dependent also… my older iMac didn’t seem to mess up levels even with the same h265 clips… I remember that sh*t really frustrating me at some point. Also I think by Resolve 17 that issue was gone, have you had it with the latest Studio version ? I don’t have my Fuji anymore so I can’t check, or maybe with an older file.

    But as you said, I’m absolutely convinced that people spent years editing Fuji files with the wrong levels clipping their highlight and crushing their shadows without even knowing it… which is a shame because the files are nice.

  2. I absolutely noticed that on my XT3 on my MacBook Pro in previous versions of Resolve. I found that converting to ProRes and forcing clips to full range in Resolve did the trick (forcing the h265 clips didn’t work… don’t know why). 
    but a technical lut is even easier indeed !
    I don’t seem to have the same problem with my S1 clips .

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