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  1. Well I guess by "affordable" I meant less than 2 or 3K. From what I've gathered, the S5 is a pared down version of the S1, isn't it? Or is it an improvement over the latter?
  2. What in your opinion makes the S1 better than the XT3? And by the way, has Andrew reviewed the latter? Oh and what about the Fuji XT4?
  3. Hi, I'm getting back into the world of DSLRs after a few years doing something else, and still have an old G6 from Panasonic, which I thought I might use as a B cam. Having been out of the loop for the last 5 years at least, it's daunting to sort through all the cameras that have come out since, so I thought I'd ask for your advice. I'm looking for something versatile and reliable. Is the GH5S still among the best tools available? And also, what's the difference between the GX80 and the GX80K?
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