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  1. Hi Kye, Yeah this is a picture profile to get a log style look (and benefit) from a dslr that doesnt have clog built in. Then meant to work with the stock canon corrective luts to get it into a rec 709 space....that's the idea at least. I did reach out before but didn't get a response. Ill try again and see if I get a response
  2. HI Kye, thanks for getting back to me. I guess I was expecting these luts to atleast get it close to a 'normal' colour space but they don't seem to be doing that. I'll continue to experiment and maybe just make my own preset for future use D
  3. HI everyone, I'm looking for some help with making the James Miller CLOG PP actually usable. I usually use cinestyle (i like the look) but bought the JM clog pack a few months back on a whim. I'm looking to improve my overall shots and getting the best images I can so started doing some tests. So I expose for middle grey = 41 ire. do a custom white balance. (although I only did this once for the cinestyle test and left it ...maybe this is the problem) Brought it into Premiere and just trying out the recommended Canon LUTS. So it's meant to work with the default canon luts but it...well doesn't. Anyone have any tips for using this? Exposure settings, wb etc. If you need anymore info on anything I'll do my best Image order for reference #1 - CLOG 3 to BT709 - WIDE DR 17 #2 - CLOG 2 to BT709 - WIDE DR 17 #3 - CLOG 1 to BT709 - WIDE DR 17 #4 - FROM CAMERA NOTHING APPLIED
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