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  1. Ah, so you basically slide it in on the rods and tighten the screws?
  2. Yes, about an inch give or take, though I’m not looking at it right now. A more ideal solution would be a slimmer locking ring, like what’s used for lens hoods, but with a locking mechanism.
  3. The best solution is always going to be what works for you as the shooter : ) I personally got tired of screwing things on and off, particularly when setting up the shot and seeing what the frame looked like. And whether it’s a Rapido thing or a me thing, I always had to realign the anamorphic adapter after screwing on the taking lens. It’s much easier for me to go with what I’m used to, which is locking lens mounts.
  4. For all of the clamps that get anamorphic adapters onto taking lenses, I've been struggling to build a kit where I can quickly switch out the taking lenses without having to realign the adapter. But I think I've found a good solution: reverse macro adapters. Reverse macro adapters (if you don't already know) are meant to put a lens mount on the front of the lens, so you can flip it around and mount the front element to the camera. There are also 'safety rings' that then lock into the lenses original EF mount to protect the rear element, and also gives you a threaded ring for whatever you want to put in front of the lens. So I found a cheap EF mount reverse macro system on Amazon, and with some step up and step down rings, mounted those puppies to my Rapido FMJ and RMJs, and boom: swapping my taking lens is not only quick, but also locks in with the anamorphic adapter already aligned : D
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