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  1. I'm a bit uncomfortable with all the ranting going on without having all the bases covered. So far everyone talked about the CPU and the CFExpress card but no one took a look at the sensor. Image sensors are _reeeally_ sensitive concerning electromagnetic interference and heat to which they will react with (much) degraded image quality. And the R5/R6 have IBIS which means the sensor is movable and therefore cannot touch really anything. And not touching anything means you cannot dissipate heat very well. Canon even has filed a patent for a lens adapter with active sensor cooling.

    Maybe it's not the CPU that's the problem. The 1DX Mk3 may be another hint towards it, managing twice as many pictures for the same battery. It seems that Canon uses an improved process node (or whatever) to improve battery life which meand reduced heat. Please check the sensor before going on with this, otherwise there may be a hole in your chain of reasoning.



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