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  1. Hi, im looking into getting a 50mm for my full frame Sony a7iii. Right now I only have a Zeiss 35mm and would like to widen my options a bit (I mainly shoot people now). Im finding it hard to decide whether its worth spending the extra thousand euros for the Zeiss 50mm F1.4 or whether I should just stick to the 50mm F1.8 for 250€. Im doing fashion and gradually improving, so right now still small stuff but hope bigger things go coming up for clients or magazines over the next couple of years. Heres the debate: the cheaper lens gives ok results and is within my budget, but it also gives some color diffraction and other stuff. Will this be noticeable enough to keep me from being able to use that lens for proffesional works? Maybe its not good for huge prints but might do the job for a couple of years for portraits etc. What are your thoughts about using the cheap lens for proffesional works? Should I just save up for the Zeiss one? My 35mm is already Zeiss so maybe I should try to stick to that level of quality, but im just not sure if it will be worth such a huge price difference. If Zeiss was on budget id go for it but its not, so the 250€ f1.8 seems tempting. Im mainly considering this from the point of view of delivering these photos to clients, not for my personal use. Thoughts or any experiences on it?? Thanks
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