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  1. Beyond the superior image quality, additional features, GPS, Live Streaming, and incredible stabilization, GoPro Support is incredible. They will almost always do not only what is fair, but much more than what is fair. #1 reason I've given them brand loyalty for the past nine years. They have always treated me right.
  2. Lens protectors are available from GoPro and other companies for the HERO8. You also have the option of using the Protective Case (also comes with skeleton back door for improved audio). Additionally, Polar Pro has also already released lens covers (although not clear, undoubtedly some other 3rd party manufacturers will). Then there is also GoPro Plus which allows up to two camera replacements per year. Yes, EIS is not great in low light, but the camera automatically adjust for this. You don't need to turn it off (but feel free to if you want). As far as "mid day light" working "pret
  3. Larger sensors are not idea for action sequences. Vlogging, yes, but unless you really like rolling shutter, the smaller sensor is better for action cameras. One of the reasons Sony explicitly states that their RX0 and RX0 II are not action cameras.
  4. What does this mean, "OSMO or DJI"? Did you mean to write GoPro or DJI,, because each are equally easy to use.
  5. With GoPro Plus, the Media Mod and display Mod are $39 each.
  6. Osmo Action has inferior video quality and exposure balance, lacks GPS, ONLY has super cropped stabilization (vs HERO8 On, High, and Boost), does not have auto cloud uploading, has very limited language support for voice commands, lacks stabilization in 4:3, lacks Superview, doesn't offer 2/7K/120fps, has inferior audio, does not offer the much more efficient HEVC (which HERO8 not only has, but has at 100mbps, surpassing h.264 100mbs considerably), lacks live streaming, and has a poorer version of TimeWarp (stabilized Time Lapse). When it come to actual video quality, Osmo Action doesn't even
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