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  1. On 10/16/2019 at 3:56 PM, JudoSurfer said:

    Osmo Action has inferior video quality and exposure balance, lacks GPS, ONLY has super cropped stabilization (vs HERO8 On, High, and Boost), does not have auto cloud uploading, has very limited language support for voice commands, lacks stabilization in 4:3, lacks Superview, doesn't offer 2/7K/120fps, has inferior audio, does not offer the much more efficient HEVC (which HERO8 not only has, but has at 100mbps, surpassing h.264 100mbs considerably), lacks live streaming, and has a poorer version of TimeWarp (stabilized Time Lapse).  When it come to actual video quality, Osmo Action doesn't even match HERO7 Black.  Considering the HERO8 has even better dynamic range and quality, the Osmo Action is far from competing with HERO8 Black (even without the Mods).

    It's not surprising to me that being the newest one in the market, H8 has better performance than Osmo action in certain aspects, but I'm talking about the cost-performance here.  Every time GoPro drops a new product, the specs and performance sound super enticing, however after sometime, all the glitchy and freezing problems crop up. Haven't got a H8 yet, maybe H8 will have much better user exprience than any other products... But we'll see.

  2. On 10/15/2019 at 4:17 PM, tweak said:

    It would be an easy sell for the people and pros who actually want/need it. I'm sure DJI know this and they have the tech already so I'd say we are going to see it for sure, it's just a matter of when... I'd also be interested to see whether Gopro tries to fight back or not, I feel like they are on their last legs, but I could also be wrong. 

    Agreed.  DJI already have the tech for sure. Not surprising at all that such big companys will have the tech that is many years ahead of the market. 

  3. 6 hours ago, tweak said:

    Hero 7 is the glitchiest piece of electronic equipment I've ever purchased, not fit for pro work (all my friends who have it also have the same software issues, some even have other hardware related issues, I hope they have solved these issues for the 8).

    Hero 8 has no ability to replace the glass in front of the lens... I dunno what you do with your cams, but I use mine for, well... action! So if I scratch that thing I want to replace it! I replaced my Hero7 front 3 times already! This makes the Hero 8 a non-starter in my opinion.

    @hk908 Yes the stabilisation is rubbish in low light, don't even try it (actually turn it off, or your images will be toast)... it works pretty well in mid day light though.

    That all said and done, if anyone is listening... DJI cough cough... can you please make a 1inch sensor camera with better IQ and codecs!!! An action cam with the same sensor as the Mavic 2 with a fisheye lens for action sports (prores if possible!) would be incredible!!! I don't even care if it's twice the size. DO IT!!!

    p.s. Forgot to mention, if I could go back in time I would have bought the DJI action cam. Only thing I wish is that they wouldn't glue the lens in... DJI please let us swap that out if we want!

    Everyone wants the 1 inch sensor!! If DJI can pull this off with their Osmo Action 2, then it'll be some gamechanger,for sure

  4. 14 hours ago, leslie said:

    i have 4 and 6, didn't bother with the 7. Can't find the enthusiasm to buy an eight. Some people on here didn't like the 7 at all. the eight uses the same battery as the seven which is handy if you had a seven, but the addition of the external mic and vlog screen will set you back $139 us each... ouch. i'll pass.

    Agreed. 7 is very buggy, so even when its price dropped to $299, not attractive to me. Maybe some improvment in the IQ of H8, but the hypersmooth 2.0 of H8 is hardly noticable to most people. 

  5. Hero 8 is probably the latest and best action camera in the market yet. But I felt that without all the mod accerssories, the Hero 8 is more like a mild improvement or an equivalant of Osmo Action with a higher price? Osmo Action already got a built-in front screen and support HDR video and it's $70 cheaper than Hero 8... However, the GoPro has a built-in mount to help it connect directly to GoPro accessories.. so it'll probably be more competitive till all the accessories are available next year. 

  6. GoPro is about to release its Hero 8, I really hope that this time they can surprise me with some blockbusting features... Though through all the rumors and leaks till now, the updates of H8 are not quite attractive to me... With GoPro H7 being so buggy, I also hope that H8 can be a great stepup. 

    Just stumbled on an interesting article about the competition between GoPro and DJI after I found that yesterday DJI has released a new firmware for Osmo Action right before the release of GoPro H8 , the intention was very clear. But it seems the latest fw of OA doesn't bring any thrilling updates, I guess I'll wait and see how will GoPro fight back this time.

  7. Hey guys, need some advice from you. For the longest time I've been eyeing the Zhiyun WL. It's only recently I found out some good things about DJI. I used my friend's Ronin-S and I loved it. Yesterday I saw the new Ronin-SC came out, so now wondering if that's more worth buying than the Zhiyun Weebill. I made a points system to help (convince) myself, please lemme know what you think:

    Ronin-SC is compatible with more cameras. My secondary camera is a EOS R, so this is cool for me, +1 for Ronin.

    The maximum payload of DJI Ronin-SC is only 2 kilo. Zhiyun Weebill lab holds 3 (wow!). +1 for Weebill.

    Tracking: DJI got a new ActiveTrack system. I liked the Smoothtrack function from Ronin-S. The new system should be better right? Zhiyun's Object tracking has not had a major update since launch, and doesnt seem like its selling pt. So +1 for Ronin.

    Stability: well, I heard DJI's drones are great, so I have faith in its Sport Mode stabilization, but I've never used it. On the other hand, I tried Zhiyun's Phonego Mode, so i'm gonna give this one to Weebill +1.

    DJi has this "Quick Release" function, with a "memory slider". What is this thing?? for easy locking and unlocking the axes? Unsure. +0

    ForceMobile: another function I saw for the Ronin, should give better control of frames by allowing movement control using smartphone. +1 for Ronin

    Last, Weebill just sounds cooler to me than Ronin ? +1 for Weebill

    Sorry for the long post. But now you see my dilemma, 3 vs 3. which one to choose? Or should i wait for something better? I trust you know DJI better than me, please lemme know what you think. Thanks!

    (P.S. found out Ronin-SC to be alot cheaper. Only$439 on its official site (nothing on amazon yet), it’s $160 cheaper than Weebill's $599 on amazon. Is the DJI site reliable though? I feel that it's too good to be true. how's the shipping experience?)

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