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  1. Thank you very much for all of the replies it is highly appreciated, I wonder if anybody here can suggest or recommend anyone that can take the A7S3 or the Fx3 and modify them for me to meet some of my criteria, I will pay good.. please reply here or feel free to email me directly.. pwx444@gmail.com thank you
  2. Thanks for your reply Androidlad, the a7s3 is nice, looking for something a bit smaller with no screen or EVF and with better environmental ranting, any suggestions, have a great weekend
  3. Hello, I am new to this incredible forum, The Amount of educated posters is impressed, i’m looking for a highly sensitive low light camera that performs as well at least as the A7S 2 (true high ISO) l, We were using a camera by Sony called the UMCS3CA (Same A7S2 sensor in a smaller package) for our application but Sony recently discontinued it which put us in a bind, at this point we would like to look at possibly creating our own camera from the sensor or looking at a third-party that is making super low light cameras from Sony or equivalent sensors, I heard the A7S2 uses the IMX235, some folks recommended imx435 or imx521, can anybody please reply to me with any suggestions, recommendations. Highly appreciated, cheers, have a great weekend - DM
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