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  1. Hi everyone, longtime lurker here. Registered finally to ask some questions! I was a Canon shooter for years, mostly eos M camera series with an adapter, and mix of EF-M and budget EF lenses. Just a hobbyist, nothing professional. Recently got a second hand Sony a6500 and Metabones IV adapter and I am using mostly Sigma 17-50 2.8 and EF 50 1.8. I got a6500 primarily out of frustration with Canons video capabilities. I have no native lenses right now. I was considering if I should go Sony or Sigma primes route. As a6500 has stabilization, it seems that 35mm and 50mm OSS lenses do not have any obvious advantage. So I am thinking Sigma 16mm, 30mm and 56mm 1.4 primes. What I am not so sure about is if AF perfomance is comparable to Sony lenses in video mode? Has anyone used them both? How is eye AF working on Sigmas comparable to Sony lenses? Also, if someone can tell me how sensor stabilization in a6500 with Sigma primes compares to OSS in 35mm and 50mm Sony lenses. It seems to me that for photography, Sigma are better choice with a6500 but if Sony lenses are superior for video, I would reconsider going that route. Second question is about video. As I am not that experienced with grading log footage, I have always used profiles like Marvel or just simply Prolost Flat on Canons. More or less, any profile that is a bit more neutral and less saturated and contrasty so that I can have some space in post but still get decent result with my lack of knowledge and practice. It seems to me that choosing right color profile is much more complicated with Sony, as lot of people online work in different way and there is no visible consensus. I got impression that Andrew made Eoshd profile is great for making footage look good and a bit "canon-like" straight out of the camera and his log profile is probably good for grading, but is there a Sony profile that is kind of "in between"? Something like Prolost and Marvel for Canon? What settings would give enough space to work in post but save me from spending hours to grade footage? I got impression that PP made with some combinations of cine 1-4 combined with sgamut3 color mode could be it? I know that some people here have experience with 6000 series cameras so please, chime in. Cheers!
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