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  1. Sorry, I meant Andrew, not Anthony, and he already kindly responded. Also it's Solaris, not Dolaris (typo)
  2. Dolaris Films

    Olympus EM1X

    Dear Anthony, I am doing a documentary under difficult political risk in a foreign environment, and need to use a highly ergonomic mirrorless form factor for a multi-camera walking interview of a political figure. The Olympus-EM1X best fits the bill, but I am concerned that the limit of 8-bit video output, even using an external recorder such as a Ninja V recording to ProRes could result in an image that has banding when projected on a large theatrical motion picture screen where 12-bit projectors are the norm. Do you have any experience with the Olympus EM1X from the IQ standpoint in video. Certainly the Canon 1-DC was used in a similar context with no problem for past documentaries, but that camera is no longer available. I cannot attract attention with a gimbal and do require eloquent autofocus, so the EM1X is really the only option. Your opinion would be valued, namely is 10-bit output required when contemplating a final output for theatrical motion picture production ? Regards and Thanks, R Hanwehr Solaris Films
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