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  1. Thank you guys for talking about me as a spammer,........
  2. Hello everyone,, After the last 5 or so days of researching and comparing 5D to BMCC I really think the BMCC is the clear-cut winner, especially when the battery issue is corrected with external battery´╗┐ supply. I'm fairly on the newbie end to shooting but have an interest in getting involved with weddings and such next year (something that I can actually make money at for my creativity). My question is: is there any reason not to consider the BMCC for learning/getting started in such a field? T´╗┐hanks for any help/response.
  3. Thank you my issue has been solved,....
  4. Hello everyone,, just got a really beautiful example of a Pre-36 iscorama off eBay. However, while the optics are incredible, if i tilt the lens up and down it sounds like there's an element ever so gently tapping back and forth inside the middle of the barrel. It's very subtle. Should I keep this lens or return it? Or get it serviced by somebody? What are my options here?
  5. Hello everyone,, 28MP BSI APS-C DCI 4K, UHD oversampling from 6K readout H.265 In camera slow-motion at 120fps Phase detection/contrast autofocus Just used the Samsung NX1 the other day and, man, the IQ is unbelievably amazing. 4K video is super sharp and blows away my G7 and RX100IV just in terms of detail. Shame Samsung pulled out the camera biz. Incredible piece of tech Anyone still rockin' an NX1/NX500?
  6. Hello evenging ,, Does anyone know how much frame coverage LOMO's 16mm lenses get? Will the Kinor 16 lenses cover the BMPCC's S16 sensor? I ask because Kinor 16 lenses are dirt cheap on ebay, right now I can only find this one but I seem to recall there being a few more options (a 10mm and an 8mm and some longer options maybe?)
  7. Thank you my issue has been solved,.....
  8. Hello everyone,, Here comes another musicvideo. This time we tried to really tried some stuff that we always wanted to do but never dared to. We started with several ideas that took us back to being 12 again when you started to shoot stuff on vhs. In the end it ended up with quite a lot of work - though it looks so trashy. Shot on GH4.
  9. Hello everyone,, I got a Sancor 16 (c i think?) and I'm having fun shooting with it. My ultimate plan was to use a lens on a medium format camera, maybe a TLR like a Mamiya C, maybe a Pentax 645 or something. Does anyone know of anywhere I could find a project like this? I've seen the Hasselblad video, that was awesome but I feel I would benefit from more examples. Thanks!
  10. Hello everyone,, So I'm looking to upgrade my workflow to 4K, and am looking into options. The NX1 seems like a great camera. The specs are out of this world for the price, and the video quality, from what I've seen, is amazing (and in comparisons, looks on par with the A7R II to me, and looks better than the 5DMII in comparisons). However, since DSLRs always have downsides for filming, I was wondering if somebody had experiences with this camera for professional work? I'm thinking events, weddings, interviews, etc. I know the limitations of the 5D - battery life - recording limits - difficulty pulling perfect focus when using fast lenses, no autofocus - limited bitrate for videos so doesn't have a lot to work with when shooting flat and color grading. I was just wondering how the NX1 fares. What are the upsides and downsides for this camera that you've noticed in real-world use? I assume it's very similar to the 5D, but I don't want to end up with a camera that's unusable to me. Also curious how it is in low light, and what it's usable ISO ranges are? I'm planning on using it with the 16-50mm f2-2.8 Samsung lens. The technical side of equivalent focal ranges and stuff I'm not a 100% sure about, but I think that'd be roughly 24-70mm equivalent, but also, I think f2 on a APS-C isn't quite as sensitive as f2 is on a full frame, is it?
  11. Thank you my issue has been solved,...
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