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  1. Thank you my issue has been solved,...
  2. Hello everyone,, The NX 1 seems like an obvious choice for budget videographers. Why did it fail? It has the best 4k video of any camera under $7,000 and has much sharper slow motion than the GH4. The lens selection sucks but its mirrorless and can adapt vintage lenses easily. I just dont understand why nobody bought one. What do you all think was the reason why the GH4 and a7s doninated the high-end DSLM market?
  3. Hello everyone,, That's something I'm trying to figure out myself The anamorphic adapter has its own focal length. Closer than about a meeter away and everything will be out of focus unless you shift a very small focus gear on the adapter itself. You end up playing a game on the regular lens and the anamorphic lens splitting hairs trying to nail the focus. As for the bokeh, i assume it's a result of the anamorphic adapter and the Helios interacting some how but I have no idea why it came out trapezoidal like that. In some ways it's kinda charming and in other ways it's so jarring and unusual. Just doesn't look right.
  4. Thank you my issue has been solved,....
  5. Hello everyone,, I have been shooting with professionally NX1 since close to the release date, since then I have shot in a vast variety of conditions, for a wide range of commercial purposes. I feel I have explored almost all the possibilities and potential of this camera, as such I would love to provide any assistance I can to those who are at an earlier stage in their understanding. So anyway ask aways....
  6. Hello everyone,, I'm looking to mount an anamorphic lens on a Linhof T70 still camera, for use with 56mmx56mm or 56mmx72mm medium-format frames. I like shooting panoramic images, and I love the artifacts produced by anamorphic lenses, but I can't justify a 6x14 or 6x17 camera, X-PAN, etc. I have considered machining a 35mm pano back for the Linhof, but my first choice would be to use an anamorphic lens due to the inherent quality of a larger negative, as well as those beautiful anamorphic artifacts. Are there any anamorphic lenses in the sub-$500 range that will produce an acceptable image on 6x6 film with a 100mm, 135mm or 180mm lens? (100/2.8 Zeiss Planar, 135mm f/4.7 SK Xenar, and 180mm f/5.6 Topcon respectively). The Full frame equivalent for these lenses would be about 55mm, 75mm, 100mm.
  7. Sorry but my issue got solved,......
  8. Thanks my issue has been solved,.....
  9. The´╗┐ BMD pocket camera is a huge disappointment. I ordered one on the first day it was announced at the NAB show on 8 April 2013. I received it a few days ago - 7.5 months after ordering. The main thing is that the screen is unusable in poor lighting conditions - even with the brightness set at 100%. It's not exactly great in good lighting conditions either. The focussing works more or less satisfactorily on auto, if using an appropriate lens but the focus peaking facility is completely useless. I spent a great deal on money getting set-up with this camera - including buying the expensive Redrock Micro adaptor so that I could fit my range of 'L' series Canon lenses to the camera. I also bought the over-priced Panasonic Lumix 7 mm to 14 mm wide angle lens. On top of that there is the cost of microphones and a good Sachtler tripod, high speed storage cards etc. OK some of these things would be needed regardless of what camera I bought, but still, in my case, I bought them all in readiness for using this particular camera. Not only that, but the version 10 of Da Vinci Resolve Lite I downloaded and installed fails to work properly, in as much as it doesn't pick up any of the hard drives connected to my computer (media page; library), therefore making it impossible to bring any clips onto the media page at all - making the program completely useless. I have re-booted and done all the usual things to make sure it should work, but it still doesn't work. Just to add insult to injury, the advertised DVD containing this software IS NOT INCLUDED in the package containing the camera - and you have to download the latest 'firmware' into the camera to make it work in RAW - again, a facility that was advertised but not included with the camera. All in all, BMD products are a complete let-down and a waste of my money, as well as the 7.5 months I spent waiting for it to be delivered. The company has FAILED!
  10. Hi guys, with the upcoming gh5 i decided to switch from FF to this new format, and i am really looking forward to use the 4:3 mode (completely new to Anamorphic, but i worked at a cine rental and so i am somehow familliar with Lenses). So thanks to the great input from Andrew and Tito and some days research, my choice will be a Kowa B&H or 16h/8s with Rangefinder or the SLR Magic 2x with rangefinder. The Kowa seems to take wide opener apertures but is really hard to find, especially in Germany. So the SLR Magic will be my ringboy when it comes to production and i still did not manage to get a nice Kowa. So maybe you can help me out with some questions- When talking about min. focal length on the adapters, for example: FF:85mm, APSC:50mm and 4/3: 40mm, the 40mm is the FF equivalent, right? So i can go with a 20mm on the GH5 in this case? With the full sensor readout on GH5, what do you think will be the widest i can go with the Kowa and Slr Magic? I defenitely will go with some prime lenses in the future, but i also have a one hand gimbal and the first thing to buy is a light lens with OIS, so i was looking for a pancake, like the 14-42 or maybe 20mm. Someone said that a Pancake even works better with an anamorphotic adapter, will it be possible to mount them on the 14-42? (I know Andrew did it with the 20mm). Thanks so much for answers, and i am really happy to join the Anamorphic family (ok, one month still to wait for the camera...)
  11. Thank you my issue has been solved,...
  12. Thank you my issue has been solved,.....
  13. In this week's episode of the Grand Tour, Clarkson, Hammond, and May, were tasked to take photos of wildlife in Colombia. I wanted to create a thread for those who watched it. For those who didn't watch it, a little TLDW. The three fully grown children had three different approaches to their photography. Each fits a stereotype. The gorilla, had one camera, and one giant lens, like a 500 mm or similar. The hamster went for the too much equipment, with multiple flashes, and a ring flash attachment and multiple lenses - all of which were held in a thinktank speed belt (that was anything but speedy. Captain slow went for a pocket camera because the sales lady told him it takes good pictures. I enjoyed the three blokes muck about their cameras, cars and car modifications. Maybe some of you enjoyed it too.
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